What Makes Us Different

What makes us different



O - Opportunity is mine
I am a Young Outlier. I am an opportunity maker and game changer. I have what it takes to make a positive difference wherever I go.
U - Undisputedly unique
Who I am; how I think, feel, and learn; my passions, talents, and dreams, are all part of what makes me who I am.
T - Teamwork begins with me
I value my team. I believe in working together to find exciting solutions. I will express my thoughts, take feedback positively, and contribute to a fun learning environment.
L - Learn to live. Live to learn
I won’t ever stop learning. The world is an amazing classroom with lessons for everyone. I explore my passions, bring my ideas to market, and learn from my experiences.
I - Imagine. Ideate. Innovate. Iterate
The future is in my hands. It can be as wonderful as I imagine it to be. With determination, courage and creativity, I will improve myself and my ideas to make a better world.
E - Empathy is a kind friend
It helps to walk in other people's shoes. It might not be the most comfy, but the least I can do is to understand what others are going through. This will make me a better person, designer and entrepreneur.
R - Refuse to give up. Reflect. Refine
If something isn't working out the way I expect, I won't give up. The answer is out there somewhere – and I will find it!

learning experience

What skills do children need to make the most of their future?
How can they successfully learn these skills?
What type of learning environment will develop game changers?

At Young Outliers, we strive to answer all these questions and incorporate them into our program. We provide a unique, holistic and effective learning experience that encompasses three key drivers:

Engaging Learning Environment

Optimal Teaching Methodology

Lifelong Executive Skills

1.    What We Do: Foster an engaging Learning Environment

Young Outliers isn't just another summer camp. We nurture bold, inventive and entrepreneurial thinkers while playing, laughing and making friends. Our thematic camp studios connect learning with real-world problem solving using design thinking as a framework: concept ideation, product building, prototype iterations and marketing.

We believe the future belongs to those who work toward creating a better world. Growing one's passion with an entrepreneurial mindset is key to success. Our innovative summer studios harness imagination and provide hands-on learning of how the world works and how to make it better. We provide learning experiences through inter-disciplinary activities that spark passion and love of learning. Campers work in teams to build products that are sold at the Young Outliers marketplace.

Essentially, we teach children how to come up with their own ideas and work with others to bring them to life.

2.    How We Do It: employ optimal teaching methodology

At Young Outliers, we use a proprietary method called the Helical Model. Akin to inventive learning blocks, it engages students in a purposeful series of activities that build on each other, moving from simple “play” to deeper engagement. After learning the core concepts, students design inventive projects to solve a community and/or world problem. This proactive learning environment nurtures one’s abilities to achieve higher levels of comprehension through reasoning, mastery, and application of subject matter to real-world challenges. 


3.    lifelong lessons: Executive Skills

Campers are prepared to become game changers in the unpredictable future, with these skills:

Articulate -- To clearly explain ideas, observations, and thoughts

Curious -- To unearth endless possibilities & think-out-of-the-box with an intrigued mind

Analytical -- To observe, recognize patterns & synthesize data into insights

Positive -- To always look at the bright side & never view failure as the end

Empathetic -- To sympathize, socially connect & help others

Brave -- To dare to try something new, overcome fear of failure & engage peers in tasking the task to the next level

Persevering -- To be driven by goals, never give up easily & go the extra mile

Active -- To share views, contribute to the task and take leadership

Inventive -- To combine logic and creativity to create something beneficial to our world

Ready to make a change?